Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mom:

Who taught me about strong, powerful, inspirational women... being one herself.

Who taught me to knit...

...and taught me I could do anything I wanted in life.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Take a Shot Tuesday: Magnet Maniac

On this Take a Shot Tuesday I thought I would share with you all my magnet collection. Many of you may be tangentially aware of this collection because you travel to meetings with me. This collection is very narrow in scope – I only, only buy magnets when I’m traveling for work. I’ve never bought cheesy magnets when traveling for fun (nor do I want to start doing so because it would result in way too many magnets). It all started with a weird viking magnet that I found in Lindsborg when I was traveling with my undergrad lab to collect some samples among the Mennonite of central Kansas. This magnet cracked me up so much it spawned an entire collection. So now when I travel for work, I try to find the tackiest magnet I can (airports are fantastic for this). Here is my collection so far (I label them on the back for easy reference:

1. 2004 Sampling near Lindsborg - the one that started it all
2. 2004 San Antonio Genotyping - because few things say Texas like an armadillo
3. 2005 AAPA Meetings Milwaukee- I knew I wanted a big mug of beer, and that was the first one I saw
4. 2006 Sampling Trip Brasilia - surprisingly few options in Brazil
5. 2007 AAPA Meetings Philadelphia - this thing is so heavy it barely stays on the fridge
6. 2008 ASHG Meetings Philadelphia - two in a row, this was harder, but I had to go Rocky
7. 2009 AAPA Meetings Chicago - I LOVE this one
8. 2009 ASHG Meetings Honolulu - plenty of tacky options in the gift shop in our hotel
9. 2010 AAPA Meetings Albuquerque - this came from the Walgreen's near my hotel along with jalapeno peanut brittle I gave Geoff as a present
10. 2010 Sampling Trip Atlanta - the bejeweled peach is exactly what I wanted

Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Monday: From Penzey's with Love

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. I did do some crafting but I can show it to you yet - it's a surprise!

Some of you may be familiar with Penzeys Spices which has as store near my parents' house (well, actually it is a bit of a drive but my dad and I go there every time I'm home). I just got their most recent catalog and while I'm trying not to buy anything new until we move, I did find some fantastic recipes. So this week, almost all of the recipes I'm making are from Penzeys (unfortunately most aren't online).

Sunday: Grilling with Friends - I made Broccoli Salad
Monday: Moo Shoo Veggies and Rice
Tuesday: Portabello Melts, Strawberries, and Salad
Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup (Happy Cinco de Mayo!!)
Thursday: Springtime Risotto
Friday: Party!!!
Saturday: Beef and Veggie Kabobs over Couscous
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