Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty-in-Pink Popsicles

My first real recipe on the blog!  This was inspired by a couple things.  (1) Leftover watermelon from last week’s hot dog extravaganza, (2) Summer’s memory of making watermelon-lime popsicles with her mom, and (3) Dreamsicle-inspired orange and vanilla yogurt popsicles from  Zoom Yummy

In preparation for the move, I have been trying to get rid of stuff so I was planning to make these popsicles in some Dixie cups using forks as sticks.  But then I saw these adorable popsicle molds on sale at the grocery store – how could I resist?  So I came home and made these pretty pink popsicles!  The yogurt gives them a slightly softer consistency than an all-fruit juice popsicle and when you bite into them you get large shards of ice that make me happy (although Geoff finds them weird).  Anyway, they are yummy - look:

These popsicles are probably more on the grown-up spectrum.  The favorite popsicle around our house are the Edy’s All Fruit Lime Bars which are pretty tart so these watermelon-lemon popsicles are as well.  Less lemon juice (or none at all) may make them more to your liking if you are used to a sweeter popsicle.

Pretty-in-Pink Popsicles
Makes about 18 in my molds

4 ½ c. watermelon juice
18 oz. lemon yogurt
2 lemons, juice and zest.

1.    Place chunks from about half of a seedless watermelon in the food processor and blend until smooth. 
2.    Pour into strainer and push through as much of the pulp as possible with a rubber spatula.  This left me with about 4 ½ cups of juice but if it a little more or less, don’t worry.
3.    Whisk in yogurt, lemon juice, and zest.
4.    Fill molds to fill line (don’t overfill, it will make a mess!) and freeze.
5.    If you have to freeze in multiple batches, be sure to stir the mix thoroughly before pouring as the watermelon pulp settles.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Yarn Stash

I mentioned recently that one of my goals for this year is to use up all of my yarn.  That may not sound like a big deal to most of you (although those of you who knit – or live with me – know how quickly it piles up), but it turns out I have about 15 pounds of yarn.  How do I know that?  I weighed it all during the World Cup final.

I realized that the only way I could use up the yarn was to figure out what I had.  Since the majority of my yarn is partial skeins left-over from other projects and I wanted to know how much yardage I had, I figured the best way was to weigh it.  Each skein lists both the total weight and the total yardage so it is a simple ratio to figure out how many yards I have.  I made this table of the yarn, weight, color, and yardage in Excel by the end of the first half.

During the second half, I compared my “to knit” list to the yardage I have and came up with a plan.  I love OneNote which came with my Microsoft Office package for this sort of thing.  I have a page with small pictures and links to each pattern.  Now that I have a plan, all I have to do is knit my way through each of these 20 or so projects (ha!).

So you can track my progress, I added my yarn stash to the sidebar at right.  I’ll cross off yarn as I knit it up – but don’t expect to see anything done before I defend on August 4th!

Oh, and congrats to Spain - that was a beautiful goal!  I was cheering for the Oranje, but only because I wanted tiny new Oranje fan Penny to get to see her team win when she was 10 days old.  Spain played a great game.

Monday, July 5, 2010

America's Past Time

We had a great weekend with our friends Summer and Joerg who came to visit.  We took them to super-rural PA for some local, organic food and microbrews.  We had a bunch of friends over for some grilling and made Sonoran hot dogs, Chicago-Style dogs, and Hawaiian dogs.  All yummy.  We even made it to two baseball games and saw some crazy cube-shaped fireworks:

Sadly for the players, the eyeball races are always my favorite part of the game:

I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth and enjoyed the long weekend! Back to intense dissertating tomorrow.
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