30 by 30

On my 29th birthday, I came up with a list of 30 goals to accomplish before I turn 30. This is my third year of setting birthday goals, you can read my wrap-ups for 28 by 28 here and 29 by 29 here.  My overarching goals for this year have a lot to do with my career, but also exploring my town, growing creatively, and getting stronger.

Work Things
1. Find a Time Management System that Works
2. Five Publications (#1 - Journal of Lipids)
3. Three Grant Applications
4. Keep up with New Statistical Applications
5. Improve my R and Linux Programming

Fun Things
6. Go on a picnic
7. Go camping
8. Go to a local festival
9. Go to the beach
10. Go to a professional sporting event
11. Participate in alumni association events
12. Use the library
13. Visit the zoo and botanical garden
14. Watch classic movies

Crafty Things
15. Crochet a throw
16. Sew 6 garments for myself 
17. Knit a sweater (Vignette Cardigan)
18. Knit a pair of socks
19. Own no yarn that moved from PA
20. Put all photos in scrapbooks
21. Learn to take better photographs
22. Learn to draw

Yummy Things
23. Bake through Bread Baker’s Apprentice
24. Make brunch once a month
25. Try out six new canning recipes
26. Cook with a new ingredient each month

Strong Things
27. Run a half-marathon
28. Compete in a 1 mile swim race
29. Complete two triathlons (#1-Spa Girl, #2 Wurst Tri Ever)

Last Thing
30. Purge things we don’t need from each room of the house
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