Sunday, June 27, 2010

28 Before 28: Month 1 (and 2...and a half)

So I had grand plans to update you all on my 28 goals on the 15th of every month, but as you may have noticed, that didn't happen in May or June - mostly because I was working on goals 1 and 2.  So, in review:

#1 - My dissertation is about half done and I'm planning to defend it in August (as soon as I can find a date that works for everyone on my committee!).

#2 - I've had two post-doc phone interviews so there are options in the works - I'll tell you more when things are finalized.  To get some of the other projects I have here at Penn State finished, we're probably going to stay through the end of the year so I won't start a post-doc until January.

#7 - I have been jogging off and on as a way to clear my head but it is dreadfully humid here now which makes it harder to motivate myself.

#8 - Well it has been two and a half months and I baked one loaf - but it was good!

#13 - I have volunteered twice in the past two months to work with high school students to teach them more about anthropology and genetics.

#14 - I've gotten started on this!  Since we gave up our lease effective July 31st we will have to move into an apartment here in State College in August and then move again in December.  Two moves in six months is the motivation I need to finally start getting rid of stuff!

Not a bad beginning to my goals.  I wasn't really expecting to get too many things on my list before I finished the dissertation.  I have lengthened the list though!  The additions are:

19. Use up all my yarn
20. Make my own yogurt and cheese
21. Be vegetarian for a month and vegan for a week
22. Learn to Decorate Cookies (hey!  I've already done that one!)
23. Visit two national parks
24. Read two of Shakespeare's plays and two Historical Biographies
25. Visit California (recommended by Craig)
26. Media-Free Saturdays

Media-Free Saturdays may not be a weekly occurrence and definitely won't happen until I've finished the dissertation, but the idea is that on Saturdays I wouldn't check my e-mail, turn on the TV, read blogs, or anything else electronic.  Instead I would read, craft, whatever else doesn't involve a screen of any sort.  You would not believe how much time I spend in front of screens.

Any ideas for the last two spots?


  1. Yay! I like it! I would recommend the Louis XIV and His Loves for one historical biography. It's not really about just one person but it does rather keep your interest!

  2. For a historical biography with a genetic twist, you might try The Lost King of France.


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