Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pumpkin Doughnuts

So I don't know if I mentioned that in preparation for the pumpkin Feeding Friendship, I bought four cans of pumpkin.  You see, I was deeply scarred by the 2009 pumpkin shortage so the urge to horde just kicked in.  When I found this recipe for pumpkin old fashion doughnuts at Not So Humble Pie, I knew where that second can of pumpkin was going.

I made the dough the night before and cut it out in the morning.  I realized that my large round cutter was terribly misshapen and I don't even own a small enough cutter for the holes.  No problem, I used a drinking glass and a narrow shot glass with great results.  I love doughnut holes so I ended up with 14 doughnuts and 21 doughnut holes by cutting out extras wherever there was space in the dough.

It's really important to get everything set up ahead of time and do the frying, draining, glazing and cooling within reach so that you can be right on top of your fry oil.  Do your best to keep the oil as close to 325 as possible.  The doughnuts that were cooked without letting the oil temp rebound were denser (but still delicious - don't get me wrong).

When you first drop the doughnuts in the oil, they will sink.  Don't panic. They'll pop back up to the top after about 20 seconds.  You'll flip them twice and then drain them on paper towels.  I found the easiest way to turn them without splashing hot oil around is to use chop sticks.  One set for the oil and one for the glaze.  These are pretty involved, but worth it for the freshest doughnuts you'll ever eat!  They make a wonderful snack alongside some mulled cider.

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