Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little Too Excited

As I mentioned, I am teaching Intro to Biological Anthropology over the summer. My students just took their first exam and quite a number of them did poorly which always seems to happen because despite the material covered in class, my students persist in ignoring the "Biological" part and focusing on the "Anthropology" until the first exam gives them a wake up call. The first part of the course covers evolutionary theory and genetics, which contains some (limited) math, but for students who took this class to get out of having to take a chem, bio, or physics lab, this can be too much. As one of my students from last year put it, "Is the rest of this class going to be so science-y, or is it going to be more like anthropology?"

Well, honestly, the answer (once I finish staring agape), is both. Now that they soldiered through their first exam they got to spend today looking at cute pictures and watching awesome videos of primates. So as I'm explaining brachiation to them (e.g. wildly swinging my arms over my head - what can I say, I get a bit excited about anthropology), my button down shirt flies open. Thankfully, I had something on under it, but it was not my most graceful moment in teaching. So that's what's going on in my life, I'm spending most of my time making a fool out of myself in the hopes of engaging my students.

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