Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! KQ!

So I noticed yesterday that I didn’t post anything between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  A lot has happened in that time so I’m going to try and catch up with a few posts about big events over the last month.  The first of which was my brother’s graduation from college!

Kevin got his BS in Computer Engineering on May 16th.  He was the fourth member of my immediate family to get a bachelors degree from the University of Kansas (mom and dad have other degrees from there too – I’m the only renegade with non-KU degrees).  This is Kevin’s senior project which used cameras and whatever this thing is to determine where a player is in a life-size grid. 

You move around as PacMan and your movements show up on the screen.  He even got grandma to play it.

For those of you not familiar with it, KU’s graduation ceremony is a really great tradition.  The graduates walk down The Hill on which KU is built, through the Campanile (bell tower), and into the stadium. 

It is bad luck to walk through the Campanile before graduation - luckily Kevin didn’t and he graduated!

Watching Kevin walk down the same Hill my parents and I also walked down got me a little emotional.  We’re one proud family of Jayhawks!

My mom made Jayhawk finger puppets (pattern she designed here) with each of our Bachelor’s graduation dates.  So cute!

Congratulations, Kevin!

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