Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Dozen Roses Doesn't Taste This Good

For mother's day, I thought about sending flowers.  You can never go wrong with roses.  But then I thought, roses wilt, a cookie is forever.  At least, until you eat it.

So instead of sending a dozen roses this Mother's Day, I sent a dozen daisies.  Don't these just make you smile?

I made my normal cookie dough that I learned from the Bake at 350 blog.  To add a springy edge to the cookies, I used lemon extract instead of almond and vanilla in both the cookies and the frosting.

I outlined a simple daisy in white frosting and flooded them.

A spiral of yellow frosting in the center and a whole field of daisies is done from start to finish in less than three hours.

All boxed up and ready to go (p.s. if you aren't mailing these, bake them onto lollipop sticks and add leaves).  When you can't be there, care enough to send sugar.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other amazing moms I know!  I'm in awe of you all.

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