Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Night in the Museum

Last weekend, Geoff, Veronica, Mike and I spent the night at the museum.  Well, actually, we spent part of the evening at the Witte's Cocktails and Culture event.  About once a month they have a themed evening of food, drinks, music and fun interactive activities.  This month's theme was "Primal Instincts."

We got to throw atl-atls (spear-throwers) at a plastic deer.  Based on our aggregate skills, we would have been stone-age vegetarians.  With enough practice, Geoff managed to hit the target, but it was with the side of spear.

Mike did succeed in making fire so we would be able to roast our gathered tubers.  Whenever someone got a spark, the survivalist instructor would blow it into a nest of dried tinder until it flamed up like something something out of Quest for Fire.  It was quite dramatic.

Up next month is "Buccaneer's Ball."  Veronica and I got in the spirit a bit early.  We're loving getting to know San Antonio better.  With Geoff back in school, we're both really busy, but there are lots of fun ways to take a break around town.

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