Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birds of a Feather Run Together

The weekend before last, Geoff and I ran our first race together - the Birds of a Feather 5K.  This race was unusual because you run as a pair and your combined time is what counts.  Unfortunately, the rain that had been hammering us all week kept up until just a few minutes before the race began.

But it was only three miles, so we embraced the rain and splashed whole-heartedly through the puddles on the course.  Geoff finished about six minutes before me, but we were both fairly pleased with our times.  We spent the rest of the rainy Saturday in sweat pants on the couch, having knocked out our work out for the day before we would normally get out of bed.

Veronica took these pictures of us and then she and Mike ran their first marathon the next day - so inspirational!

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