Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spa Girl Triathlon

I completed my second triathlon on May 13th at a resort north of San Antonio.  The race was a bit shorter than the Dam '09 which was good because I was not as well prepared!  Luckily, the atmosphere was welcoming to both newbies and experienced triathletes and the swim took place along a lazy river which was by far my favorite part.  It's all the fun of an open water swim without the fish pee!  Afterwards, there was champagne and lots of delicious food (including a chocolate fountain).  The event was all-female but the guys were able to join us to hang out by the pool for the rest of the morning.  We took advantage of the water slides, floated the lazy river with tubes instead of swimming at top speed, and generally enjoyed the last not blazingly hot days before summer began in earnest.  I'm really falling in love with triathlons.  The swimming and biking are my favorite part, but I'm getting used to the running too!

Even the frog is happy for me!  Or trying to eat the magnet I made out of my finisher's medal.  I can't tell.

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