Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everything's Ellipses

When I decided to add learning to draw to my 30x30 list, I should have anticipated that I would have to show you all my works in progress.  And those works are rough, so please be kind.  I'm using the Line by Line series from the New York Times blog a few years ago, and the first lesson was learning to draw ellipses using a quick and fluid movement.  I filled a page with uneven ellipses and thought about giving up.

But I wasn't about to let a flattened circle beat me.  I pressed on to lesson two, drawing cylindrical objects - glasses, markers, nail polish, and tubes of paint. They aren't all perfectly to scale, but the directions helped me to understand the influence of perspective on objects and I managed to draw a few, fairly recognizable things.

The third lesson is where things started to get more complicated where shadows started to come into play.  After a few attempts, I was able to mimic the shading that I saw in the example drawing.  The final challenge, however, was drawing a pitcher (at the top of the post) without an example sketch to copy.  I know I still have some room to grow, but I'm pretty pleased with my shading!  The drawings will only get more complicated from here, but I can only get better.

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