Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July in Instagram

Trip up to Austin with Frank to see friends.

Last year's drought meant no fireworks, but this year we celebrated in style.

Mission City Hot Rhythm Cats at the Witte Museum

Cream Soda made with fresh Texas peaches.

Much like a crow, I'm distracted by any shiny thing in my line of site.

I fixed my broken headphones by knitting a cozy for them.

Blueberry pancakes!

Hank earned her keep this month by killing 4 lizards.

Austin Graffiti. 

Good times with friends at the James McMurtry show.  Back in Austin again!

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  1. One thing I've always felt a bit unhappy about is the level of interaction I can have with you here on the blog.Sure, you can leave a comment there for me (and I LOVE it when you do) but it's not terribly easy to reply to your comments. Sometimes I can find the commenter (because I want to say thank you and continue the conversation) but that usually takes a bit of hunting.


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