Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hey there, Crabcakes.

I really love crab in just about any form, but I have never cooked it myself.  I think it falls into my broad (unfounded) Kansas-based fear of cooking seafood.  Being far from any place where crabs are harvested, I was a bit skeptical of the tub'o'crab on offer at Central Market.  But it was on sale last week so I went ahead and give it a shot.  While I love crab legs  in butter, if you aren't on the coast, they are crazy expensive.  Crab cakes, however, can - and should - be made at home.  The lump crab isn't quite as sweet as fresh crab, so the other ingredients really pep it up!  I had seen this recipe for Faidley's Famous Crabcakes on TV.  It uses saltines instead of bread as a binder and contains a good bit of mustard, which I always like in crabcakes.  The result is a nice, light crabcake without too much filler.  I added a panko crust for extra crisp before sauteing and the result was definitely something I'd make again.  So far, trying new ingredients has been deliciously rewarding!

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