Friday, August 31, 2012

August in Instagram

Wow, it seems like half of these things happened a year ago.  August has been fun!

Aliens have landed in Italy, Texas.

Chihuly Glass Installation 

Watson and Crick Bobbleheads at the Cold Spring Harbor Giftshop

Rockefeller Center


Took my first run along the Riverwalk as part of my half-marathon training and saw these cool fish suspended under a bridge by the Art Museum.

I firmly believe in playing with your food!

Fixed my overheating laptop (thanks to Geoff's supervision and supplies), but opening up made me really nervous!!

Finally made it to the Darwin travelling exhibit at the Witte Museum a week before it closed.

3D IMAX movie date to watch Born to be Wild.
(Baby elephants feeding themselves bottles is even cuter than you're picturing it.)

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