Friday, January 4, 2013

December in Instagram

This dapper Humpty Dumpty (made from ikat bag's pattern) was a first birthday gift.  The birthday girl is very good at tearing him apart, but hasn't quite mastered putting Humpty back together again.

The ladies came over for a Christmas card making party, but we couldn't stay up too late since the next morning was...

...the Color Me Rad 5K!  As we ran, we had dye thrown and sprayed at us in rainbow colors.  So much fun!

My undergrad adviser Dr. Crawford came down for a visit.

Hank is a thief.

My crochet mini-Christmas tree has its own marching band.

Acai berry facials complements of our totally rad friend and talented aesthetician, Stephanie.

Our annual Christmas ornament!

Our new wreath barely fits on the door!  Guess measuring would have been wise.

Getting in the Christmas spirit on the Riverwalk.

Adorable custom crafter and musician ornaments from Geoff's fam.

A merry Christmas morning!

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