Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

During October I made a lot of cookies for all sorts of wonderful people!  First up were some birthday cookies for two very special ladies - Veronica and Clara.  I got to use these cutters for the first time for Veronica's birthday. 

Happy 28th, V!

I had seen the teal and red color combination somewhere before and it stuck in my mind.  It seemed like a fun but grown-up combo and I like how it came out.  I used the same icing to make thank you cookies for my dissertation committee.  Simple circles with a heartfelt message (and dot edging).  I delivered them to my committee members with a card expressing how much I appreciated their help.  They all seemed touch when they received them and impressed that I had made them myself. 

A mountain of cookies!

The next weekend was Clara's first birthday party which had a butterfly theme.  I had seen lots of adorable butterfly cookies on the internet so I was excited to make some.  So excited, I may have gone overboard - there were a lot of leftovers.

Too Many Butterflies

I piped some thick lines of icing for the body and outline of the wings then filled it in and added dots and lines while the icing was still wet.  I added eddible luster dust to the wings, because - if Clara turns out to be anything like I was as a child - the pink and sparkley stuff will go out the window in a few more years.

So Cute!!
The party colors were purple, teal, and pink so I made a variety of butterflies.

Unfortunately, the first set of cookies I sent to Veronica got lost in the mail.  So I made some more cookies for her using the same batch of icing (she got sparkles too).  The sweet girly color palate that worked for Clara looked a little bit 80s on Veronica's cookies.  It reminded me of the opening credits for Saved by the Bell.  But I guess that is appropriate for a child of the 80s!

Luckily, these cookies arrived and Veronica got the chance to enjoy them!

Finally, I made some cookies as prizes for a baby shower I helped to host.  Since the shower took place on Halloween, I thought it would be nice to give the winners of the games something they could take home and share with their families.  I think the pumpkins are my favorite although the sanding sugar on the bat wings came out really well too.

Too sweet to be scary.

 I made some special ones for Geoff too.  Obviously, I had a little trouble with a ghost pun! 

I think I can declare that I have learned how to make flood cookies.  I'm addicted to making them now so they will certainly turn up around Christmas, I'm sure.  But for now, I'm crossing it off my list!

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