Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tardy Pumpkins

I meant to get a lot of things done before I left for the American Society of Human Geneticists conference in DC last week and most of them fell through the cracks – including posting pictures of the pumpkins that Geoff and I carved for Halloween. I’m quite proud of them, though, so I’m going to go ahead and post them now.

I really wanted to get a white pumpkin with orange flesh because I thought it would look really great with the witch carving I was picturing in my head. So we headed out to Tait Farms the Tuesday before Halloween and already the pickings were slim. There were many beautiful gourds left, but only two small white pumpkins.

Geoff went with the classic big orange pumpkin. Little did he know that the texture inside was like spaghetti squash which made it a real pain to clean out. But he persevered and carved this Lionel Ritchie pumpkin:

And I managed to convert come clip art I found online into a pumpkin of my own. I’m rather proud of it, it reminds me of the opening credits of Bewitched.

That is Gnome Chomsky peering over the pumpkin.
We had Kirk and Laurel over and made a whole night of it with spiked cider and apple cheddar scones. Belated Happy Halloween to you all!!


  1. Um, you're witch pumpkin is STUPID CUTE! GOOD JOB BOTH OF YOU!

  2. Whoa! I love the pumpkin witch!! Awesome :)


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