Sunday, March 20, 2011

{clapclapclap} Deep in the Heart of Texas

We arrived in Texas late in the first week of the new year (now more than 2 months ago!!!) and I began work  the following Monday.  I've been sending my mom a picture of myself on my first day of school every fall since I left for college (prior to that, she took the picture herself).  So it only seemed appropriate to text her a quick photo on my way out the door on the first day of my postdoc.

I'm a dork.
Work has been great so far. I'm getting to learn different skills than I used during grad school - which is exactly what I was looking for.  The transition to a new job is challenging because I hate constantly feeling like I don't know what I'm doing!!

I'm official!
The second week of work, there was a "snowstorm" that closed my office until noon.  It looked like this:

See how the sidewalk looks white?  That's the snow.
Geoff and I are really liking living in a larger city and having a lot more options for food, shows, museums, and more.  We really miss our friends in State College, but our favorite thing in San Antonio is living a block and a half from the Holtz!!  Veronica and I haven't lived in the same state for ten years and this is closer than we have lived our whole lives - it's wonderful.  They introduced us to our favorite thing in the neighborhood - Paciugo gelato!

We like it so much that Geoff even requested a gelato pie for his birthday in February.

Happy Birthday!

We formed a Wii Rock Band, have each other over for dinner, and go to the farmer's market every weekend.  

The farmer's market in San Antonio is great because it is year round!!  The growing season starts so early that there were strawberries at the market today.  Between the farmer's market and all the "Made in Texas" food at the grocery store, it has been relatively easy to hit 50% local food.  Not to mention, everything is bigger in Texas:

That dog is a Afghan Wolfhound.

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