Monday, March 28, 2011

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Still Love KU!

I was hoping that this post might have a happier conclusion, but unfortunately not.  As an early birthday present, my parents got me tickets to the NCAA regional finals (aka the Elite Eight), so Geoff and I headed downtown on Sunday morning.  We had lunch overlooking the Riverwalk.

And headed over to the pre-game pep rally to hear the band play.  (I think I saw one of my mom's cousins, but there were too many people to be sure.  Also, my mom has a lot of cousins - Thanksgiving with her side of the family has been known to have 90 people.)

The game took place at the Alamodome, which is gigantic.  The court was only half of the arena - everything really is bigger in Texas.

Things started out badly for the Jayhawks and they never really recovered.  I won't rehash it here because it seems that every media source I encountered today was discussing the game. VCU's coach is a real character.  He ran up and down the sidelines like a mad man the entire game.  I could see his sweat stains from our seats 50 rows back.

We took this picture at half time because we already suspected there wouldn't be smiles after the game.  We had a great time though and Geoff was yelling nearly as much as I was.  This was his first KU game, but I doubt it will be his last - he has to experience one in the Fieldhouse!

 Congrats to VCU - it is quite the cinderella story and I'll be cheering for them the rest of the tournament.  But I have to say, when I looked up at the big screen and saw Markieff Morris crying, I nearly did too.

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  1. Just reread this. What a difference a year makes, only the location is not quite as close to you. Markieff's loss and tears, still make me tear up a bit. Why this team made it and that one didn't may say a lot about leadership, playing as a team and listening to your coach. This team is the VCU of 2012. If they weren't from such a legendary basketball school, they would really be the talk of the tournament. This team that doesn't have ANY McDonald's All-Americans has made us all proud, whatever happens in New Orleans.


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