Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy National Waffle Day!!!!

What's that? You didn't know it was the 143rd anniversary of Cornelius Swartwout's U.S. patent for the waffle iron?  Not to worry, International Waffle Day is coming up next March 25.  Or, I suppose, you could just make waffles because they are delicious and make people happy.  Tonight, the Waffles of Insane Greatness as adapted by Molly Wizenberg made these people very happy (the bacon may have also helped).

These waffles really are insanely great.  The real appeal of waffles to me lies in a crispy exterior and this recipe has them in spades.  Veronica and I ripped open the first one hot off the iron and it was unbelievably crisp with a fluffy and moist interior.  It is everything you could want in a waffle and hard to resist eating plain, standing around my kitchen, with mimosas in our other hands.  But, we restrained ourselves after the initial waffle and ate the rest topped with blackberry-blueberry compote at the table.  Any berries that are on sale or you have in the freezer would work.  I just cooked them down with some maple syrup for sweetness and then thickened with a tiny bit of cornstarch slurry to give it more body.

Our lovely neighbors provided the waffle iron this evening, but I'm thinking that I'll be needing one of my own soon.  As insanely great as these waffles were, I'm constantly afflicted with culinary wanderlust and could never be tied down to a single waffle recipe when there are yeasted buckwheat waffles, cornmeal-bacon waffles with thyme-infused syrup, and liege waffles to be had.  Do you have a favorite waffle to add to my list?

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