Thursday, February 21, 2013

Casablanca on a Bun

If I may state the utterly obvious, Casablanca is a FANTASTIC movie.  Most movies 70 years old tend to be slowly paced and a product of very different cultural norms.  Other than the tremendously stylish clothes and black and white film, Casablanca feels completely modern.  Moroccan food seemed to be on order, even though there seemed to be more drinks than food consumed throughout.  I'd had my eye on this recipe for kefta tagine from Leite's Culinaria for a while and I had broccoli and chard from my new CSA that went into these Moroccan-inspired vegetables from A Good Appetite. The lamb meatballs were nice, but I'm not a fan of cinnamon with meat. My favorite way to eat them were as a meatball sub dipped in au jus. The vegetables, however, were delicious, and I highly recommend them all on there own on top of couscous for a light dinner.  If you haven't seen Casablanca  recently, rent it again - it might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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