Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm travelling for work today, but I wanted to leave behind something to let Geoff know I'm thinking of him.  Valentine's Day gets a bit tricky since it falls just after his birthday and not long after Christmas, so my good gift ideas have usually run dry by now!  So I've turned to the sentimental and hidden love notes for him to find.  

Some are obvious - "I like how you roll" taped to his steering wheel - while others are going to take a bit longer to find - "I think you're cool" is stuck to a frozen lasagna I made for him to eat while I'm gone.  Depending on what you already have in the house, you may want to buy your sweetie a few special treats like a fancy beer from a local microbrewery or some wasabi peanuts (okay, these might be specific to my guy).  

Want to show someone you think they are great today (or any time)? You can print out some love notes here.  Consider it my Valentine's Day gift to you.

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