Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skies of Gray, Pants of Blue

Today was a gray day, but without the rain we so desperately need down here. Luckily, my pants were a cheery blue.  I've been working on turning clothes I own into clothes I wear and I've had these pants and cardigan for years.  I picked up the pants a few years ago on mega discount at Old Navy.  They are a nice medium weight but powder blue pants just didn't do much for me - especially with super wide flare.  Into the washer they went with some teal dye and out they came - Tiffany blue!  I love the new color, springy but not pastel. I stitched a straight leg and now I have some pants I'll actually wear.  

The cardigan is even older - I think I picked it up in 8th grade? I still wear it occasionally but thought it could be pepped up.  I picked up some polka-dot crepe fabric in the remnants bin and added ruffles to give a bit of romance to this wardrobe staple. A whole new outfit for less than $3?  You can't beat that!  I'm loving refashioning and I have one of just about every type of garment in my box - any great ideas?


  1. Ellie, you're looking GREAT! Love the color of your "new" pants.

  2. This is such a great idea! I've been really wanting to do this kind of thing, and know I need to update my wardrobe from "grad student chic". But somehow in Berkeley I have a warped sense of what is fashionable, so I'd best wait until whenever I move out of this unique environment.


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