Sunday, September 18, 2011

DNA to Cuddle

Yesterday we went to a first birthday party for my boss's daughter.  Since her mom is a geneticist, I thought it was high time she start learning about DNA.  Thankfully, I have had my eye on this knit DNA model for quite a while and was just waiting for the opportunity to make it. It took a couple hours each night over the course of several evenings, but was a pretty easy.

Knitting Nerd info: The coolest thing about this pattern is that you actually knit the tube into a spiral using a series of increases and decreases.  I used an M1 increase instead of the YO called for because it mean't that I didn't have to deal with the holes created by the increase.  To make sure that the nucleotides were evenly spaced, I shoved a DPN through each nucleotide and positioned it on the sugar-phosphate backbones.

The birthday girl thought it was neat and colorful, but it was really the biggest hit with the adults!  Now everyone wants one.

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  1. Awesome... did I get it right Doc?


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