Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweettooth Premiere!

We took a trip to State College a few weeks ago so that Geoff could premiere the Thai Honeymoon CD, "Sweet Tooth."  The CD is fantastic and you can listen to it for free here or download the full album for just $5.  The cover art was done by Geoff's incredibly talented friend Brian Stannard.

We got in on Tuesday night and on Wednesday we climbed Mt. Nittany before Geoff headed to band practice and I went to campus to meet with some collaborators.  We reminisced about the first time we climbed Mt. Nittany together.  It was a particularly warm day in January 2007 a few months after we started dating.  Classes hadn't started for the spring semester and town was deserted.  Afterwards we caught a matinee and were the only ones in the theater.  Oh, memories.

Thai Honeymoon premiered their album on Thursday night at the Darkhorse and it was so much fun!  The set was great and everyone loved the album (seriously, go listen to it).  Lots of our friends from State College came out and we had a great time.  On Friday, a huge storm rolled through the valley which I loved.  I adore thunderstorms and we have been living through the most severe drought since the 1950s.  That night, all of our East Coast friends drove to town (plus a very special guest from Mexico City).

On Saturday morning, my friend Clara and I went to the lake (her parents came too).  We had lots of fun splashing in the water while wearing our matching swimwear.  We built a sandcastle and ate peanut butter sandwiches before both us needed a nap.  (There was a little too much celebrating the arrival of our friends the night before.)

On Saturday night, our friend Brownbird Rudy Relic and Thai Honeymoon opened for a Wilcox Hotel reunion set at the Darkhorse.  It reminded me so much of the spring of 2008 when Wilcox Hotel played at least one night a week and usually two.  Geoff rocked so hard that he ripped open a callus on his hand and sprayed blood all over his guitar.  We had to wonder what the TSA agent thought when they opened this case.

Seeing all of our friends - almost all of whom have ended up back within an 8 hour drive of each other - was a wonderful treat and made us a little homesick for our lives back in State College.  However, we also realized that we are really happy with our life in Texas and that leaving State College was part of moving forward!  Luckily, we have lots of friends all over the country to visit.

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