Saturday, April 16, 2011

29 by 29

When I started my 28 by 28 goal-setting, a lot of people immediately pointed out that I was creating a dangerous precedent and would someday be trying to complete 60 goals by the time I turned 60.  That may be true, but for now, I have 29 goals for my 29th year.  For me,  this goal setting is about publically committing myself to do things that I really want to do but would fall by the wayside if I didn’t feel some accountability  all of you.   So thank you for reading and commenting and participating in my sometimes random goals. 

I decided to group my 29 by 29 goals into things in my life that give me joy: cooking, creating, work, physical challenges, and home life.  I tried to make the goals concrete and achievable so I know when I have met them.  Without further ado, my 29 by 29 list is:

1.    Master 10 Indian Dishes
2.    Master 10 Mexican Dishes
3.    Master 10 Chinese Dishes
4.    Monthly Baking Challenge
5.    Pick my own Berries, Apples and Pumpkins
6.    Take a Charcuterie Class

7.    Sew 1 Item of Clothing/Month
8.    Make a Quilt
9.    Make Seasonal Decorations
10.  Blog 50 times
11.  Learn to Knit Continental
12.  Knit 3 Things for Myself
13.  Decorate the House
14.  Take One Photo a Day

15.  Create 3, 5, 10 year plans
16.  Improve My Web Presence
17.  Actively Maintain Network
18.  Publish 3 papers
19.  Start San Antonio Chapter of AWIS

Friends and Family and Home
20.  See a play, opera, ballet, and/or musical
21.  2 day trips around San Antonio
22.  Visit 3 museums in San Antonio
23.  Organize Finances & Save More
24.  Read a Book a Month

Physical Challenges
25.  Climb a Rock Wall
26.  Run Entire Fourth of July 4-Miler
27.  4 Hikes
28.  Weekly Yoga
29.  Begin Swim and Bike Training

I’m so excited to get started.  Please pipe in if you have any thoughts or suggestions or if you have done some of these things yourself.  I’d love any recommendations of favorite recipes, vacation destinations, great books you have read, yoga plans you follow – anything!

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