Monday, April 11, 2011

Pre-Birthday Weekend

My birthday is on Friday, but this past weekend I got an early birthday present - Sarah came to visit!!!

To clarify, she came to visit in 2011, not 1984.
We went shopping and ate Mexican food at one of Sarah's favorite restaurants.

The big event of the weekend was the Fiesta Mission 10K.  We got up early Saturday morning to head down to Mission Park.  The run was on a great path past two of the historic missions. Sarah told me about the colonial architecture, I was too out of breath to respond.

The Before
The only downside of the course was it went over two suspension bridges.  Running across them was like jumping on a trampoline with five other people.  Sometimes I took a step and just went straight up in the air.  I developed a blister the size of a silver dollar on my arch (I took a picture, but decided to spare you - you are welcome).  All in all, it was a great run and I made it to the finish line nearly 10 minutes faster than I expected!  Afterwards, we felt like super heroes.

Or Angels.
Later in the day we had a cookout with my KU anthro friends who are down here now.  Before the party, Sarah and Veronica helped me make Gina's Super Moist Carrot Cake into cupcakes.

Veronica and Sarah tag team the carrots
We had 11 adults and 7 kids coming over so I doubled the recipe and ended up with 36 cupcakes!!! Luckily the extras were devoured today at work.

So Good.
We bought a new grill for the occasion and Geoff christened it with burgers, hot dogs, and veggie kabobs while the kids chased each other through, and with, the sprinkler.

Sunday morning we had Sarah's favorite breakfast tacos before she had to fly home.  All in all, a fantastic weekend!


  1. Mel and I had a wonderful time at your birthday BBQ! The food was delish! :)

  2. We were so glad you could come! It was great to see you both.

  3. ouch on the blister. if that is a problem you may want to try two pairs - a thin or glove sock under a good running sock. i only do the dual socks for real long runs. i have high arches and have worn arch supports (superfeet) for 3 decades. hopefully your shoes fit properly. sometimes a small pebble or tear in the sock can quickly cause a blister. anyway, good jobs on finishing 10 minutes quicker.

  4. Thanks, Greg! I definitely need at minimum better socks. I think my arch is neither particularly high or low, but I should probably have a proper fitting before I increase my distances.


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