Thursday, April 14, 2011

28 by 28 Final Tally

So you might have noticed that I have been posting a lot lately. Partly this is to make up for the months I neglected, but I bet a few of you figured out that it was also a rush to finish up as many of my 28 by 28 goals as possible before my birthday tomorrow! So let's see how I did.

1. Pass my Dissertation Defense DONE!

2. Find a Post-Doc Position And loving it!

3. Make a Dress for Myself that I love and wear I feel pretty

4. Get back in my 18 year old Shape I'm not quite there, but I am getting close.

5. Publish all the work I did in Graduate School I have had one paper accepted for publication and I've got three more in preparation.  Not quite where I wanted to be - focusing on writing up my work is definitely something I need to keep working on.

6. Learn to Crochet Well, I made this.

7. Run a 10k race Run, not quite accurate.  Completed, yes.

8. Bake 2 loaves of Bread a Month My every week multigrain (above), hamburger buns, everything bread, tortillas, pita.  I did this one for sure!

9. Learn to Can/Make Marmalade Grapefruit jam so far, but more to come!

10. Improve my Photography Skills  Not much progress here, which I regret.  I want one of those blogs with staggeringly beautiful photos!

11. Take a Statistics Class No.  Trying to learn more, but not formally.

12. Take Two Weekend Trips with Geoff  We didn't do this - but we did spend four whole days driving from PA to Texas.  That's pretty much the same.

13. Volunteer monthly Not every month, but 9 of 12 is pretty good.

14. Reorganize and purge books, craft supplies, and clothes Did it with the move in August and again for the move in December.

15. Repurpose clothes and Housewares from Thrift Stores Two skirts so far.

16. Learn to Draw In one of the blogs that I follow, the author mused "if there's one thing that adulthood teaches you, it's that you can't be good at everything you'd like to be good at."  This is pretty much where I came down on learning to draw.  I'm as good as I am motivated to be - for now.

17. Learn About Wine (But Don't be a Snob) Um.  Nope.  

18. Cook More Seafood Made progress, but an ongoing process!

19. Use up all my yarn I was clearly overly optimistic about this one. I have way, way too much yarn. But I do have plans to use it up - eventually.

20. Make my own yogurt and cheese Did both, one was success and one was a failure.

21. Be vegetarian for a month and vegan for a week Vegetarian was pretty easy, but vegan was more of a challenge. Both ended up broadening the way we eat and our meals are now more than half vegetarian.

22. Fill and flood cookies You might say I went crazy with graduation cookies, birthday cookies, thank you cookies, Halloween cookies, and there were even some I didn't post!

23. Go to two national parks  Actually, I did visit a National Historic Site - the Brown v. Board of Education school in Topeka.  They recently renovated the exhibit and it was really excellent, I recommend it if you ever get the chance!

24. Read two of Shakespeare's plays and two Historical Biographies I read Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography, but that's all.

25. Visit California (recommended by Craig) I'm pushing this off until later this year - we'll get their soon, though. And now we're only half as far away!

26. Internet-Free Saturdays Who am I kidding, I'll stay off the internet when you pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands.

27. Take (and print) photos Blogging is really helping me to take more photos. I have them printed out, but keep watching the blog for a display piece in the works.

28. Buy 50% Local Going to the farmer's market with Veronica is my Saturday morning ritual. I'm trying to find locally own shops to patronize for things like fabric, but I haven't found many yet.


  1. I like how honest you were about the things you didn't quite get to. That's probably more what this was about. Pushing yourself to do things you might not normally do, and finding out which ones may not be as important to you as you originally thought. I'm glad I was able to benefit from a few of them myself!

  2. Pretty impressive and Happy Birthday! Will there be 29 before 29?

  3. Do you have a macro setting on your camera? This little setting change makes a big difference.


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