Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heart Disease Research

The first paper on my postdoctoral research came out this week - "Novel Associations of Nonstructural Loci with Paraoxonase Activity."  It's my only article thus far focused exclusively on biomedical work after years of anthropological genetics and evolutionary work.  It appeared in a special issue of the Journal of Lipids that focuses on paraoxonases, an enzyme related to heart disease.  The Journal of Lipids is an open-access journal so you can read my article for free here.  Briefly, I did a study to identify genetic markers associated with variation in that amount of enzyme produced by different individuals.  Paraoxonase is interesting to researchers and physicians because it appear to protect people from developing heart disease, but the mechanism in unknown.  The hope is that by identifying the genes that regulate paraoxonase, we can determine the pathway through which paraoxonase protects against heart disease.

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