Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Monday: Warm Weather Grilling!

Mondays are Menu Mondays where I'll let you know what I'm cooking for the week. Those of you who have never watched the Food Network, feel free to skip Mondays.

It is finally, finally getting warm here in PA. Yesterday we spent our second evening of the season grilling with friends and I want to grill more!! So we'll be grilling at least some part of the meal every night of the week there aren't thunderstorms forecasted.

Monday: Grilled Salmon Salad Nicoise with Julia Child's Mustard Vinaigrette
Tuesday: Grilled Stuffed Poblanos and Salad
Wednesday: Chicken Gyros and Greek Salad
Thursday: Spicy Peanut Grilled Eggplant with Brown Jasmine Rice
Friday: Grilled Blackened Pacific Halibut with Remoulade on baguette and Salad
Saturday: Ham, Asparagus, and Gruyere Frittata

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