Sunday, April 4, 2010

Something-New Sunday: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I spent my Easter writing lectures and watching the History Channel rampantly speculate about the life of Jesus. In honor of the holiday, here is an old picture of my brother hamming it up while searching for eggs:

So Sundays are going to be "Something-New" days which are a combination of two inspirations. The first is a magnet my mom bought me last year while we were at the Eleanor Roosevelt house last year with one of her quotes, "Do one thing every day that scares you." I don't think I can handle every day, but I do want to be pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone. I've also been sort of bored with doing the same old thing all the time so I'm going to TRY and do something fun I have never done before or something I'm a little scared to do.

I have issues asking for help - actually more accurately, I have issues admitting that I can't do things myself.* This frequently results in me spending weeks or months trying to figure out on my own what someone else could easily explain to me. I happen to think that this is a good thing because I think you learn more by teaching yourself things, but sometimes I get in my own way. To that end, this week I'm learning to ask for help.

On Friday I met with a friend of mine to ask for his expertise to help me add to my dissertation and tomorrow I'm going to e-mail some friends who might be able to help me find a post-doc (including some of you who read my blog). I don't know why I'm afraid to ask for help - I know my friends are awesome, giving people!

*I wonder if this was manifest in my childhood? I do remember letting my parents tie my shoes for me. One would tie each shoe and I would bunch my feet up inside the shoe of which ever parent was out of my favor that day. So spoiled, it's a lucky thing Kevin came along so I had to learn to share.

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