Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What We're Eating Wednesdays: Grandma's Cookies

I'm really excited about Wednesdays! Each week, my dad and I will take turns picking a recipe and we will both make it for dinner sometime that week. This sounds dull, I realize - but the key is that dad and I love to look at recipes but are both too ADD/narcissistic to follow them. So we probably won't end up with dinners that look too similar.

This week we didn't get our acts together so I don't have photos to post - but I do know what we have both been eating:

Grandma's Carrot Cookies with Orange Frosting! This might be dad and my favorite cookie and I got some in the mail over the weekend - yum!!!

So next week will be the first week for the project, I can't wait. If you are looking for something fun to read, this idea was inspired by our friends over at "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Hungry." A mom and two of her children pick an ingredient each week and see how each interprets it.

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