Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Baking Challenge: English Muffins for Geoff

Today was Geoff's first day back to school and I wanted to be sure he had something a little special for breakfast this week.  I made English Muffins using the King Arthur Flour recipe since I have had good luck with their breads in the past.  I don't have a bread machine, so I kneaded it in my mixer and let the dough rest about an hour before patting it out.

The bread flour and the long knead time made for nice and chewy English muffins. The muffins are cooked up on a griddle so they get a nice crust on the outside but stay super moist on the inside.  I love English muffins and homemade ones are crazy delicious - fresh off the griddle, with jelly for breakfast, as the base for a tuna melt, and of course, in Eggs Benedict.

I don't have baking rings, so I had to add an extra 1/2 cup of flour to the recipe so that the dough didn't flow across the griddle like lava.  A wetter dough would have more of the nice crevices that English muffins are known for.  But split and toasted, these guys were ready for the next layer.

A delicious pork layer.  Extra smokey, locally cured English bacon from our friend neighborhood hipster charcutier.  (Seriously, he's a 20-something man with a heavily waxed handlebar mustache.)

Top with a poached egg and classic hollandaise with an extra squeeze of lemon and shot of cayenne pepper.  I didn't manage to get it made for breakfast, but it was a darn good dinner.

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