Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Publication of 2011!

It looks better in real life.
I haven't posted about work in a while (it's good, but I think about it all day, so I don't always want to write about it when I get home).  So I thought I should point you to my first publication of 2011.  This is actually the outgrowth of my master's paper (which I wrote three years ago) and so is a bit overdue.  The article, "Iris texture traits show associations with iris color and genomic ancestry" was published this month in the American Journal of Human Biology.  Thanks to the fun pictures of irises that we used in the study, we made it to the cover!


  1. Holly Mackerel! And you got top billing. All search engines point to EE Quillen. And you're listed also with the NIH. Celebration time. I'm doing a chair dance....


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