Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome Finn!

Today I'm missing my cousin Elizabeth's baby shower.  I had hoped to go but the drive back just wouldn't work.  I hate missing family time!!!  But I sent along a little love in the form of a friendly dragon.

In addition to "That's not my dragon," a touchy-feely board book, part of the same series as the "That's not my monkey" book that went along with Clara's orangutan.

Look at that face!  I used the Norberta pattern from Knitty and it came together fairly quickly using up some Lion Brand Homespun yarn which has a nubby texture to it which made him look even more scaley.

I rounded it out with a onesie that I hand-painted.  I traced the pattern onto the onesie instead of using the freezer-paper stencils like I have in the past.  This way was faster, but there were a lot more opportunities to mess up!  I was very happy with the outcome, though.  The theme of the baby shower is robots so I made another onesie, customized with baby Finn's name.

I am so excited to meet Finn in a couple months!!!  Congratulations, Elizabeth!!

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