Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Swim

We had a very relaxing holiday weekend (so relaxing that getting back to work hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm just now getting around to posting this).  Mike and Veronica (who blogs at got me triathlon swimming classes for my birthday in April and this Saturday was the culmination - a half mile swim in Boerne Lake north of town!  I was a bit nervous about my first long-distance swim in open water and this was not assuaged when I got in the water and discovered that I couldn't see anything past my fingertips except murky, green water.  As I started swimming, the chop in the water and my own breath created a swirl of bubbles that reminded me of nothing so much as a a reconstruction from one of those "I SURVIVED!!!" shows on TV.  But after about 100 yards, I calmed down, remembered my form and started loving swimming in the lake.  I'm even thinking about competing in a 1 mile open water race in August.

On Memorial Day, Veronica and Mike came over for a cookout.  I saw some meaty chicken drummettes at the grocery store so Geoff grilled those up in Ina Garten's BBQ sauce

Memorial Day was Mike and Veronica's first anniversary so they brought the dessert - year old wedding cake!  (It was surprisingly tasty.)

How cute are they?  I love you guys and I know you will have many more years together (but you should go ahead and finish the cake now)!

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