Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Book Report: Make Bread, Buy Butter

Each of those flags is a recipe to try.

While I didn't technically finish this book in December, I read nearly the whole thing on the flight back from Pennsylvania.  This book was given to me by Laurel because it reminded her of my "Is It Worth It?" feature here on my blog.  The basic idea of the book it that the author makes her own versions of things we frequently purchase to see if the homemade version is better and/or cheaper.  The stories that go along with the recipes are easy to relate to and you'll be surprised what things are cheaper to make and which aren't worth the effort.

So now I have a list of new things to make: cream cheese, hot dog buns, granola, danish, hot sauce, truffles, blackberry vinegar, corn tortillas, graham crackers, Worcestershire sauce, berry mustard, mascarpone cheese, burrata, chevre, ginger ale, bitters, orange-apricot conserve, sweet-hot pickle relish, cheez-its, and vanilla extract.  I since "Is it Worth It?" making a comeback!

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  1. I just DL'd the epub of this book a few weeks ago and never got around to reading it yet. Will do soon.


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