Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Very Special Quilt


Over the last several years, my mom and I have started a tradition of working on a sewing project in the days after Christmas.  This year, I had the perfect project - a quilt more than two years in the making.  For my friend Sarah's baby shower, the attendees made hand-painted onesies.  That baby has since been born, celebrated two birthdays, and outgrown her onesies by several inches (she's so tall now!).

I took all of the onesies and quilt fabric with me to Kansas and my mom and I set up an assembly line to make each of the blocks.  I am so happy with the result!  Now instead of old clothes in the closet, Clara has a quilt which she loves!  When she is older, it will remind her of all the people who care about her.

1 comment:

  1. I have to say it again, Ellen - this was the most AMAZING gift ever!! Clara loves the quilt, and still calls it "my Ellen blanket." We're so lucky to have such a talented friend (and your mom too)!


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