Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 366th Photo

When I began my Photo 365 Project last April 1, I didn't account for the leap year, so it should properly be called the Photo 366 project.  This is my last week and I've been putting together a photo book to document this year in photos.  It has been a challenge to take a photo every day (and, I'll confess, sometimes I cheated and took two in a day to make up for it), but I'm glad to have a record of some of the more everyday aspects of life.  

Saturday March 24: Farmer's Market

Sunday March 25: Draw Something - My New Obsession

Monday March 26: Wind Power at St. Phillip's

Tuesday March 27: Found a Nest in Our Front Tree

Wednesday March 28: Strawberries in Balsamic with Cream

Thursday March 29: Pretty Chard

Friday March 30: Hank Eyes the Mailman

Saturday March 31: Veronica and I helped at the Women Breaking Through Workshop

So there you have it, the 366th photo.  I'm sure I'll still be posting on Instagram regularly and if you want to follow me, my screen name is ells_bells.  

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