Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feeding Friendship: Slainte!

I went fairly classic with my pick this round and decided to make Guinness Beef Stew.  But instead of putting the potatoes into the stew, I poured the soup over boxty.  This was a plenty hearty meal, so I skipped making these Irish pancakes for dessert event though I didn't get any on Shrove Tuesday.  There are a lot of boxty recipes out there, but I chose this one because it includes both shredded raw potatoes and mashed potatoes to give both texture and creaminess.  I decided to up the flavor by adding garlic and onion powder to the mashed potatoes.

I had originally planned on just improvising the stew but then I came across this version from Irish American Mom which includes a bit of brown sugar to balance the bitterness of the Guinness and added mustard and red wine vinegar to produce a really intensely flavored broth.  I followed her recipe exactly, except I left out the chocolate and removed the potatoes.  Oh.  And I spaced and bought turnips instead of parsnips.  It worked, but parsnips would be better.

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