Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Call Her Easter Ellie

Since Easter falls so early this year, I wanted to go ahead and get my Easter wreath up.  Easter for me as a kid was all about scurrying around the yard looking for those brightly colored eggs (and frequently uncomfortable tights), so I wanted to include those in the wreath.  These were about $1.50 and I simply drilled a hole CAREFULLY through each end before stringing them on some heavy gauge wire.

The bunny was also pretty quick to make, but I looked at lots and lots of patterns for knit bunnies before I found one I liked and was the right size and shape.  This is Edmund the Bunny, but I call her Ellie.  I knit her with some scrap yarn and lined her ears and feet with scrap fabric.  Even the ribbon was already on hand, bringing the total for the wreath to $1.50.  And I still have some eggs left over to fill with candy.

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