Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caldo Tlalpeno

This really isn't much a a recipe, but rather a suggestion to add more avocado and cheese to your soups.  These are pretty much two of my favorite things, so it took very little convincing for me to do so.  I made my version of  caldo tlalpeno based on this recipe but you can find many variation online.

Essentially, this a chicken and vegetable soup with chickpeas (I left out the chicken and added extra chickpeas).  Sounds a bit dull, right?  It's not.  The soul of this soup are the spicy and smoky chipotles blended into the broth and the chunks of cool avocado and panela cheese.  If you aren't familiar with it, this cheese tastes a lot like mozarella, but softens without melting when dropped into the soup.  It's easy to find here in San Antonio, but you might try substituting those cute little mozzarella balls you can find at the olive bar at your fancy grocery store.  Feel free to substitute in whatever vegetables you may have on hand; this is a very forgiving soup.  Buen provecho!

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