Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stash-Busting Market Bag

I suspect that those of you who knit have a few skeins that just aren't right.  You can't remember why you bought them but they are just too scratchy/too small/too weirdly colored to be made into anything.  Well I had a skein that was all of those things. Several years ago, I went overboard on an online yarn sale and decided to purchase a huge box of yarn for a variety of projects that I had saved in a file on my computer (this was pre-Ravelry).  I am confident that I never made any of the projects that I originally intended, but I have repurposed a good bit of the yarn over the years.  So despite most of the yarn going to good use eventually, I still wonder what possessed me to buy a single skein of worsted, variegated, primary colored acrylic.  The overly in-your-face color and deeply unpleasant texture directly contributed to me never buying yarn on the internet again.

But I digress.  The reason for this post is not to lament the past, but celebrate the future - a future of hands-free farmer's market shopping.  I had been thinking about making a market bag for a while and my friend Laurel suggested the Grrrlfriend Market Bag of the several patterns she had knit.  I whole-heartedly endorse it as well.    It's a quick knit and made a good sized bag.  I used the whole variegated skein for the body and the lace stretches A LOT when you put stuff into it.  For the strap, I used doubled, worsted weight black wool blend for the strap and knit just until it would fit across my body and fit under my armpit so that when it stretches, it's down around my waist.  Now I can shop with one hand and drink my coffee with the other.

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